Armarkat Round or Oval Shape Pet Cat Bed for Cats and Small Dogs


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  • Machine washable, the pet bed retains its original shape after many cycles of machine washing
  • Filled with extra thick 100-percent poly fill, all in soft, confortable construction for maximum comfort.
  • Cat Daddy Approved by noted cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.
  • Anti-slip rubber backing to prevent the bed from sliding on hardwood floors and tile.
  • 15 inch round pet bed comes with quality Luxe soft velvet cover with waterproof and skid-free base, ideal for cats, and extra small dog.

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You can wrap your cat or extra small dog in buttery faux suede and luxe velvet with Armarkat Model C01HKF/MH pet bed.Featuring a waterproof and skid-free base, this bed is filled with extra-thick, 100% polyfill for maximum comfort. The pet bed has a striking color combo of mocha and beige. Machine washable. Six months manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Dimensions: 20L x 20W x 8H

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12 Reviews For This Product

  1. 11

    by Kristen Mathews

    Ordered the laurel green 22×19. It was the only size/color available. We have a mid/large beagle that fits in this perfectly with a little extra room. The color is darker than anticipated which is fine with me. I was concerned it would be really bright and not match the living room. The lining is SUPER soft to the touch….like rabbit fur feeling. Our dog is nearly 10, so her pulling out the removable pillow to play with as mentioned in other reviews is not an issue for us. Maybe not the best for young pups. Overall this is a PERFECT bed and exactly what we were looking for. This is the first oval bed I have purchased. Our dog has always just had dog pillows in her large cage with a blanket to snuggle with. Once I introduced this to her, she snuggled right in and seems to love it. She tends to sleep in kidney bean shape, so this is what prompted us to look for this. Definitely recommend this for anyone out there looking. Looks like it will be very easy to wash in a front load machine.

  2. 11

    by Miranderp

    My cat Sage absolutely loves her cozy cat bed! She sleeps in it all the time and purrs every time she gets in it!To make it more appealing for her, I added the Pet-ZZZ-Heating Pad and wrapped the heating pad a certain way within a very soft plush blanket. She never leaves it sometimes, lol.It didn’t come with a removable pillow for the bottom like the picture shows and Amazon lost the first cat bed in shipping and had to send me another since it got lost in transit. But overall, I’m glad it didn’t come with a removable pillow, there wouldn’t of been enough room for her heating pad and blanket if it had it. Amazon customer service is fantastic, and I loved how they wanted to make things right and send me another cat bed since the other was lost in transit. Thanks Amazon!I greatly recommed this product for cats, it’s fairly flexible, so they can move around in it any way they want. I got the pink one 🙂

  3. 11

    by B. Marold

    I agree with all the generally positive reviews (as a human). Here’s what my cats think.This is a warning if you happen to have several other similar kitty beds (and enough cats to go with them.) Given two kitty beds of virtually identical size, shape, color and softness, my kitties will sleep in the ones which are thoroughly saturated with kitty perfume. The older and more frequently used beds always get chosen first. So (I have six cats) my kitties rarely choose this bed (I got two at once). If you want to break in the new beds, you probably want to wash the old ones and keep them out of circulation for a few days, putting the new ones where the old ones once were.It also depends on your kitties’ individual preferences. I had a bed of this type when I got my first two kitties, and they ignored it. Then, Nr. 3 came along and slept in the bed, so now Nr.1 and Nr.2 had to do the same. Now, all 6 sleep in these beds, now and then.

  4. 11

    by ScienceLady

    I bought the brown and ivory bed.I got it for a 35 pound dog. He likes to curl up, so he has been rejecting mattress style beds in favor of sleeping in tiny cat beds.He absolutely loves this bed. For him, it’s a double win, because the bottom cushion is removable. Therefore, he adjusts it as he wants.The problem is that he will sometimes remove the bottom cushion and haul it off. Without the cushion, there is no padding in the bottom of the bed. Without padding, the bed is undesirable, and he won’t lay in it. My husband and I put the bed back together at least 10 times daily, and sometimes our dog wakes us up in the night, because he needs us to put it back together.I would like the bed better if the bottom cushion was not removable or if it could be fastened to the rest of the bed.However, my dog is happy, so I guess it’s OK.When the dog is not sleeping in the bed, the cats take it over. They love it too and, thankfully, do not remove the bottom cushion.In any case, the bed is very soft and moderately fluffy. It retains its form well after several months of use, though we have not had to wash it yet.

  5. 11

    by Reviewer

    I picked up 2 of these as “like new” from Warehouse Deals (Amazon’s account where they re-sell returns) for less than $9.00 each, delivered, thanks to Prime. They appeared brand new to me with their original packing materials. They were put inside new plastic bags, but otherwise appeared unused.They 20 inch beds are the perfect size for cats. One of my kittren weighs more than twice what her older sister weighs (different kinds of cats) and she fits in this bed like it was made for her. The smaller cat loves to curl up into a corner of it and they both love to rest their heads on the pillowed edge. There is a generous amount of filling to keep the bed comfortable and the interior pillow can be flipped and fluffed for extended comfort. If you have a large machine, you can also wash these pretty easily.I find these to be a nice neutral but still attractive pet bed. I’ll be watching for the opportunity to get more via Warehouse Deals. I’m SO glad I bought one for each cat or they would fight over them. I wouldn’t mind having a couple for my office as it helps to keep them off “my” furniture.

  6. 11

    by Alessandra Vasyuta

    It took a couple weeks for my cat to warm up to this bed – it didn’t smell like me or the house, so he was a little leery at first. My advice: run the center pad through the dryer with whatever dryer sheet you use, just for 20 minutes or so. After that, and it sat in my closet for a week, he moved right in. Now he sleeps there during the middle of the day, even if I have the A/C on, because it’s dark and quiet in the closet. He’s a 15-pound longhair cat, and there’s more than enough room for him in there. This would hold any cat and up to a beagle-sized dog, I think. Maybe even a small collie. This is definitely the bed I’ll order from now on when I need to replace them.

  7. 11

    by JJ🖤

    When I first receive this product, I was insanely happy with it. I got a little pomeranian puppy, and the bed was perfect for him. It was soft, big and spacey. Perfect for the little pup to nap in. It has more than enough room, and he’s always trying to slip into the sides and he fit really snugly in there. I was thrilled with this product and love it so much!However, as my pup got bigger and more playful. He loved chewing and tugging on the bed. The bed quickly because too small and deformed really easily due to it’s thin edges. Now not even 5 months after my purchase, I have to get a new one. It was good whiled it lasted but it didn’t last as long as i would like for it to.

  8. 11

    by Ani M. Schjelderup

    I LOVE this cate bed. When buying a new bed for my kitty I had three priorities (1) Machine washable (2) comfortable (3) Inexpensive. My cat is getting old and as such sometimes when stressed will pee on her bed. This caused me a great deal of stress with her old bed since I had to attempt to wash it off in the bath tub and over time that bed just got gross… so I bought this one and it’s SO much better. When she has an accident on it all I have to do is put in in the washing machine and dryer and it’s good as new. Not damaged at all by either washer or dryer. For priority (2) my cat loves this bed too. When I get home after work I often find her in her bed all snuggled and happy. For priority (3) this bed is a very reasonably priced bed and for me was worth ever cent I paid for it.

  9. 11

    by Kristina

    I got this bed for my 15lb Japanese Spitz pup about 5 months ago, and it’s held up great through multiple washes following messy puppy accidents and is still soft as ever. Compared to the many other beds I checked out online and in local pet stores, this bed provided the best value in terms of durability and softness versus price. I’ve purchased other Armarkat products in the past (cat trees, mostly) that’ve all provided fantastic value, and this bed is no exception. Others beds I looked into may have had more fashionable designs but were significantly more stiff and somehow 2-3 times the price.In terms of appearance, it’s not making any fashion statements, but this Armarkat bed has a great deep green color that doesn’t call too much attention to it. It’s amazingly soft in terms of both fabric liner and fluffiness– my pup immediately accepted it as her bed and loves to curl up in it; it’s so soft, I wish I had a human-sized version for myself. :[ The bed comes as two pieces that make it very easy to clean puppy messes as the pillow can be thrown directly into the washer and dryer. I’m assuming the frame can be washed as well, but haven’t had to do so yet. The 22×19 inch size bed is also great for car rides– we set the bed in the passenger side or the backseat and the pup curls up in her bed for the ride, which both gives her a soft place to sleep through the ride and also prevents her from scratching up the car’s seats.There’s just one change I’d wish to make to this bed, and it’d be to make the outer frame a bit sturdier to support the weight of my puppy’s head when she rests her chin on it. It’s a bit flimsy and tends to sink in when she rests against it, but not a big deal. She still has no problem sleeping in it, and it’s actually pretty adorable when she occasionally accidentally pours out of it. :B

  10. 11

    by Mary C.

    I bought this bed immediately after my 18-month-old kitty decided to leave the Humane Society Shelter and come to live with me. I bought it because, in this (wonderful) shelter, cats live freely in small closet-sized rooms and may choose lots of different perches: high, low, hard, soft–and the kitty who chose me was just lolling in a snugglie on the floor of her “apartment,” and, after I had petted her and picked her up and said, “I’m yours!” and went off to do the paperwork, when I returned she was again in the same snugglie. She’s only an 8 pound kitty, but for some reason I bought the 20″ x 20″, which would fit 3 kittens, 2 friendly medium-sized cats, 2 small dogs, or one Maine Coon. Kitty loves her snugglie….she kneads it before she gets in, and zonks out for hours once she’s in it. We live where it’s very cold in winter (you’ll see the snow outside the window in the photo) and comfortably warm in summer. Because, I think, the snugglie is so warm, she cocoons in it only when it’s cool outside — which, for us, is most of the year. I’m so happy I bought this snugglie!

  11. 11

    by Lucretia

    The goods are okay, and the effect is okay.

  12. 11

    by JEA

    It’s really good, and the price is very high. I will still buy it here in the future.

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